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BH Journalists Association organize expert debate on relationship between civil society and the media in BiH PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 July 2011 00:00

Expert Debate "Civil Society and Media: Why don’t we support each other?" will be held on Tuesday, the 12th July at 11 h in the Grand Hotel in Sarajevo. The aim of the debate, organized by the BH Journalists is an attempt to overcome problems and achieve better communication and cooperation between the media and civil society.

If we follow the broader definition of the term civil society, then the media are part of civil society. In this context, the media and civil society organizations, NGOs and / or associations of citizens should share the same goals, ideas and values​​, and they are supposed to work together and support each other. However, the relationship between the media and civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina is way beyond the level where it should be and both of them often act as competitors in Bosnian society and the public scene.

In general, civil society and their projects do not get the space in media they deserve and they are often presented as minor, inconsequential, or even negative. On the other hand, civil society rarely cooperates with the media, and what is especially rare is the the support to the media or journalists targeted by government or media owners.

Is it possible to change the relationship between the media and civil society in BiH? Does every government has its own media and civil society? Is it possible for the media and civil society to become partners and jointly contribute to the positive change in society?

Keynote speakers: Svetlana Cenić, political analyst, Lejla Turčilo, docent, Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Vildana Selimbegovic, editor of "Oslobođenje", Mirjana Penava, President of the "Forma F".


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