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The expert debate "Civil Society and Media: Why don’t we support each other" PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 00:00

debata12juli_1At the expert debate "Civil Society and Media: Why don’t we support each other", organized by the Association of BH Journalists held today in Sarajevo, was announced that significant impact on positive social change in B&H is not possible without better communication and cooperation between the media and civil society. More than 20 participants, media representatives, academics and NGOs, have pointed out that cooperation between them is not at the satisfactory level, the mutual support is absent and it is necessary to work on improving communication. The media in B&H is led by spectacle and they are ignoring social responsibility, said Lejla Turčilo, professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo.

"On the other hand, today a stuff of media is employing, not journalists. The cheap labor that does not have the right to vote is employing. The media live by the scandal and there is no place for positive projects of civil society," said Turčilo.
"We need to see the difference between print and electronic media, public and private. Private media have no obligation to anyone, and public services have an obligation to be socially responsible" said Vildana Selimbegovic, editor of " Oslobođenje" and she added that there is a lack of support of civil society to journalists with denied labor rights.

"None of 10,000 organizations which exists in BiH didn’t react on the problem of Duška Jurišić from the Federal Television,"said the Selimbegović.
Participants expressed a range of criticism of public services, whose representatives did not come to the debate even though they were invited. It was pointed out that public services usually work on their one, taking money from taxes and marketing but are not socially engaged, and accountable to
no own.

"Public service is not public, and NGOs are often not non-governmental sector. I do not enlist the support of any organization that deals with the protection of women's rights when the government attacked me. Someone who gets government money is not an NGO. On the other hand, what can we expect from a journalist, whose salary is 700 km. Money dictates professionalism" said Svetlana Cenić, a political analyst from Banja Luka. At the end of the debate it was proposed to open up the question of public service who is not serving the objective of informing citizens and social engagement, forming a coalition that will unite the civil sector, media, and policymakers to work together in democratic processes and training of NGOs on communicating with the media.


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