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The debate held on the issue of media responsiveness to the public informative requirements PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 September 2011 12:22
debata_mostarThe expert discussion held yesterday in Mostar, organized by BH Journalists Association, dealt with the level of media responsiveness to informative needs of citizens. It is concluded that it would be irresponsible to say that media in Bosnia nad Herzegovina do not respond to the public need for information, but the question arises on the matter of their objectivity and professionalism. Radenko Udovčić, member of Media Plan Institute from Sarajevo, claims that judging by the survey, conveyed last year, 19% citizens find media fully professional when conducting their work, while 54% find them only partially professional.

Only 19% citizens find media's work professional. According to that same survey 88% people believe that media promote only one political option, while 93% believe media only raise national tensions. The participants of the discussion concluded that the reasons for such results are political splits in B&H as well as the impact of the political parties on editorial policy of media, which makes the information relevance doubtful.

"With media financially dependent on authorities it is unrealistic to expect to get objective and professional media service. In the end those journalists who want only to do their jobs professionally suffer the greatest consequences.", said Faruk Kajtaz, an age-long journalist from Mostar. He also added that a huge problem comes out from media unwillingness to report on themes concerning everyday life, which people find very important, and to which are media obliged.

"There are certain shows within the morning program dealing with issues of everyday life, but the term is not suitable. Unfortunately, public media tend to identify themselves with private ones, which is prohibited on legal basis.", said Kajtaz. Semina Ajvaz, professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences at "Džemal Bijedić" University in Mostar, said that B&H has excellent laws regulating media that are not in usage. She added that most media in B&H work on deceiving rather than informing the public.

"Nationalism is involved in every sphere of life in B&H including journalism. Political involvement and hate speech of journalists is still present. It should be sanctioned and the international law must be implemented.", said Kajvaz.

The debate participants noted that the culture of dialogue is at very low level and that there is no true dialogue among media. In the conclusion of the debate the participants stated that it is necessary to put a pressure on RTV service centers and require more objective and responsible attitude toward citizens and to pay more attention to social topics. In addition to that, it is also of a crucial importance for Regulatory Agency for Communications (RAK) to start to do their job properly, to form educational programs for journalists and to make media more involved in the process of social democratization.

One of the rare positive changes mentioned was improved cooperation of a civil society and media.


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