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Press releases about verbal attacks on journalists PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 00:00

Association of BH Journalists and Free Media Help Line are concerned over the frequent verbal attacks on journalists in public statments, published texts and media reactions to specific articles, which came from the agents of different areas of public and social life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Devastating is the fact that inadequate qualifications, personal insults and disdain of the values of journalism and journalists themselves in the same way are coming from the academic, political, religius, show business and media circles, as the phenomen is given special weight. Using the language of the street and almost the same, disparaging terminology has become common in speech to journalists and the media, and any attemp to critique the media becomes the motive for the chase, hunting or other forms of media lynching of public employees.

It is especially matter of concern that the target of the attacks are mostly women journalists, because of thair gender or nationality and they are exposed to the cruelest forms of discrimination and male chauvinism. The latest example of this practice is insulting a Slobodna Bosna journalist Maja Radević by celeb manager Faruk Drina. In vulgar and rude manner Drina tried to question Maja Radevics human and journalistic values, just because she wrote critically about quality of Goran Bregovics concert held recently in Sarajevo. Also, Dnevni Avaz, whose owner is Fahrudin Radoncic, president of SBBBiH party , were publishing insultive and unfounded texts about Duska Jurisic, editor in cheif of BH magazin Dani and Viladana Selimgegovic , editor in chief of Oslobodenje.

Association of BH Journalists and Free Media Help Line call on media owners and editors for solidarity and media boycott of public figures in an inappropriate way to communicate with journalists , and to refuse to publish any response that conatains offensive qualifications at the expense of their collegues. At the same time, we appeal on womens organizations and associations form human rights protection to raise their voice against verbal violence against journalists.

Board of directors of Association of BH Journalists


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