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Public protest to director Haris Pasovic for verbal insults addressed to Sarajevo-x journalist PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 April 2012 00:00

Association of BH Journalists and Free Media Help Line indicates public outcry to director Haris Pasovic for verbaly insulting Sarajevo X journalist Edita Gorinjac.

Haris Pasovic director and one of the organisators of 20th anniversery of seige of Sarajevo by abussive language and insults last week attacked Sarajevo Xs journalist Edita Gorinjac, because she wrote that an artistic part of marking the 20th anneversery of saige of Sarajeve and video materials prepared for this occasion are not Pasovics original idea, but borrowed from earlier commemorative gatherings organized around the world. Director Pasovics statements related to planned events on April 6th and his comments on the accusations about plagiarism of other people s ideas were properly and professionally published on the Sarajevo X internet portal. Despite that, Pasovic attacked journalist, calling her ignorant and incompetent to judge artwork , and he qualified her as the person who is a part of “trained Srbian nationalists propaganda”.

Accusing journalist Edita Gorinjac for collaboration with the Serbian propaganda and negation of her professional and human qualities, just because she wrote about his “borrowed ideas” constitutes most brutal form of violation of freedom of expression and attempt to disable public criticism on current events and happenings.

At the same time, Pasovic s attack on journalist is just demonstrating his own vanity and fragile ego, that he has every right to express, but has no right to use it to disqualify journalist, her professional dignity and reputation of the media she works for.

The Association of BH Journalists and Free Media Help Line support Sarajevo X s editorial decision not to publish Haris Pasovic s letter, since it abounds with personal insults and does not contain any fact or allegation that could disclaim texts published on this web site, written by Edita Gorinjac.

Board of directors of Association of BH Journalists


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