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Monday, 26 March 2012 00:00

Association of BH Journalists supports BHT1 Unionยขs demand to test procedural and legal foundations of the contest annoucement for editorial positions in radio and television sectors in public BHRT. At the same time, BH Journalists encourage BHT1 empoyees union to, through direct dicussion with menagment , protect dignity of editorial position in the public media and they insist on conditions and procedures of tender that will ensure compliance of high professional standards of journalism, adequate editorial knowlegde and experience , as the key prerequisite for performing responsible and complex editorial tasks for which the contest is announced.

Since there is no BHRT General Director at full capacity for three years, this position being unoccupied for 2 years , BHT responsables agility is surprising for they have launched the contest procedure to fill positions in places where editors are already working, and before the selection director of television and the entire public servise, as a person authorized for the selection of editors and conculding valid contract with the selected candidates. Also, keeping in mind the fact that two out of four members of Board of BHRT are at the acting holders positions ( their term expired two years ago) and that was during the selection of the third member of the Board of BHRT, so now the sense of this whole contest procedure and the motives that preceeded to its urgent launch and even more rapid implementation become doubtful.

In order to protect the legality of the election of editors in the sectors of radio and television on BHRT as the journalists indiviual rights, BH Journalists will seek this operation inspection on BHRT and the manifestation of relevant Labor inspection about procedural and legal framework for the contest announcment, of his lawfull implementation and completion in accordance with applicable legal acts of BHRT.

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